Live From The Rock: An Introduction

Live From The Rock: An Introduction

April 18th 2024


Wait a second, this feels new...


Management has informed us that the implementation of a blog is good for here goes nothing. Plus everyone needs a quick read when they're waiting on the slow group ahead. (We'll address our thoughts on shrinking the game in another post.)

For those we've never met, we appreciate you stopping by. We're a fully custom, made in America, one stop shop for accessories and leather goods. A group of great golfers (and one squirrel) set on making a great product. 

Our headquarters, a church turned full scale production facility is called The Rock. Inside you'll find a group of hardworking, overly caffeinated, slightly unconventional individuals with a sole focus on making the best goods in the game.

Oh and speaking of unconventional, let's talk about our vision for this blog. We plan on using it as an outlet to explore some topics we're passionate about outside of creating custom products. To be honest we just needed somewhere to post all of these food and movie reviews...

Welcome to the Tremont blog we look forward to good times ahead.