Our Story

Tremont is the ultimate culmination of passions for creating, crafting, and building. It is an outlet for a tireless pursuit of perfection on an off the golf course.


The story of Tremont began far before the pandemic in 2020, that allowed me the time to develop and craft my first golf headcover. For as long as I can remember I have been building and creating, through carpentry, sewing, photography, and videography. The art of making, bringing something from concept to completion, is my ultimate purpose.


-Christian Cavaliere, Founder


From dorm room side hustle in Boston to full scale production facility in Palm Beach. Tremont’s roots run deep within the east coast golf community and bring customizable golf accessories to all.

Great gear made by great golfers.

Team Tremont
Moving Forward

The Vision

From crafting hats out of a college dorm room, to turning dining rooms and bedrooms into temporary workshops, to opening up a full scale production shop in Palm Beach and working with some of the top country clubs in the nation. We've seen it all.

We like to say our tagline is, "great gear made by great golfers." A seasoned group of tournament players turned leather craftsmen. We strive to keep progressing the norms of designs and materials in the golf accessories space.

Our ultimate goal is to make the highest quality of goods and accessories and have the best time doing it.